Mediation Trainings

Supporting Peace Negotiation and Mediation Processes on Track I: Working Towards Comprehensive Peace Agreements - 25. - 30. August 2019 in Berlin

Application deadline: 30 June 2019

This training course concentrates on Track 1 mediation efforts that take place in those phases of a conflict resolution process where a ceasefire agreement has been reached and negotiations on a comprehensive peace agreement are about to commence. A particular focus is put on the design of Track 1 processes and the resulting challenges for mediators and mediation teams. Moreover, the course emphasizes the role of international organizations (e.g. UN, EU, OSCE) in assisting the negotiations of comprehensive peace agreements.

The course was developed and is conducted by ZIF and the Berghof Foundation. The trainers are practitioners and mediators with experience in the international crisis context.

You can find more information about the course and the application procedure on the course website.

Multitrack Peace Mediation Course - March 2018 - November 2018

The 15-day Multitrack-Peace-Mediation course will be conducted for the sixth time in 2018. It consists of 3 modules 5 days each, and runs from October 2016 till May 2017. The first module will take place in Berlin from 31 October till 4 November 2016. This year's course is a cooperation between inmedio berlin and CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation.

Ljubjana Wüstehube, Dirk Splinter, Christoph Lüttmann and Norbert Ropers will be your trainers. Due to other obligations, the Berghof Foundation, one of the co-founders of the training, will not co-convene the course as an institutional partner this time.

For further information on the course and the course content, please check out the course flyer or contact mpm(at)

Certificate (CAS) in National Dialogue & Peace Mediation; 13.-17. February 2017 in Basel

National Dialogues have become an increasingly important topic in international debates. They are seen as a promising approach to addressing and resolving the causes of violent political conflicts in an inclusive manner. National Dialogues can be set up before, during, or after peace negotiations. They provide a space to discuss conflict issues and build trust among different segments of the population. Being nationally-led, such processes are crucial in promoting ownership, inclusivity and legitimacy.

Responding to this increased interest in the topic, this 10-day on-site course with online assignments provides:

  • Insights on how to understand, design, and support National Dialogue processes
  • Training in dialogue and mediation skills
  • Reflection on lessons that can be drawn from previous National Dialogue cases 

The course is offered jointly by the Berghof Foundation and swisspeace and course methodologies include expert inputs, peer exchange, skills training, case studies, simulation exercises and reflection."

For more information on the course, please consult the course website.

Seminar MA Program in Mediation: Mediation in International Peace Processes

The three-day seminar "Mediation in International Peace Processes" (3 ECTS) takes place every 1.5 years as part of the Master’s Program in Mediation at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). The seminar is taught in German and open to a limited number of external participants. Participants learn about

  • the current developments in international conflicts and peace processes, 
  • the issues, actors, approaches and normative frameworks of peace mediation
  • the methods and skills of peace mediation,
  • the practical and ethical dilemmas of mediation in this field and
  • the spectrum of activities, roles and formats in the growing mediation support field.    

The seminar offers inputs, discussions, focus groups, practical exercises, interactive simulations and exchange with experts and practitioners from the field.

The Master’s Program in Mediation is an interdisciplinary, post-graduate program at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), offered in cooperation with the Institut für Anwaltsrecht at Humboldt University Berlin. The three-or four-semester program entails full practical mediation training and academic seminars on the fundamentals and key features of mediation. Courses are taught in German, partly as distance learning modules, partly as in-class workshops.