Fact Sheet Series: Peace Mediation and Mediation Support

The Initiative Mediation Support Deutschland (IMSD) and the Federal Foreign Office have jointly developed a series of fact sheets on peace mediation and mediation support:

Conference: "The OSCE as Mediator: Instruments - Challenges - Potentials"

July 6, 2016, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

As part of its OSCE chairmanship, Germany organized a conference on the role of the OSCE as a mediator in July2016. The conference was jointly set up by the Federal Foreign Office and the Initiative Mediation Support Deutschland (IMSD).

Conference report

Video about the conference 

Expert Meeting: "Identifying Mediation Entry Points"

October 5, 2015, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

International and German mediation experts discussed the role of conflict analysis to identify entry mediation entry points and presented various methods of analysis to members of the Federal Foreign Office.

Report of the Expert Meeting

Conference: "Germany as Mediator: Peace Mediation and Mediation Support in German Foreign Policy"

November 25, 2014, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

The conference report from the conference "Germany as Mediator: Peace Mediation and Mediation Support in German Foreign Policy" outlines concrete steps that Germany should take to contribute to international peace mediation and mediation support.

Conference Report

Impressions from the 2014 Conference on Peace Mediation

Copyright for the Photos: ZIF / Mike Auerbach

In 2017, the IMSD promoted the integration of peace mediation into the coalition agreement of a new government with a position paper:

Friedensmediation in den Koalitionsvertrag integrieren (German)

In 2016, the IMSD contributed the following position paper to the discussions on the development of new policy guidelines on crisis prevention, conflict management and peacebuilding:

Friedensmediation ausbuchstabieren – Positionspapier der IMSD für den Erstellungsprozess der Leitlinien Krisenengagement und Friedensförderung, IMSD, 2016 (German)

In 2013, the IMSD developed short summaries and proposals for policies in the field of peace mediation and mediation support:

Friedensmediation. Kurzinformation und Vorschläge für die Politik, IMSD, 2013 (German)

Mediation und Mediation Support in den Koalitionsvertrag integrieren, IMSD, 2013 (German)

During the conference "OSCE as mediator: Instruments – Challenges – Chances" (2016) a video was recorded with contributions of speakers, panelists and participants:

Conference Video

The Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) in cooperation with schnittbüro asked experienced mediators and participants in mediation processes to share their experiences. Swiss Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini, who is currently involved in the peace negotiations in Ukraine, Luxshi Vimalarajah, Programme Director for Dialogue, Mediation & Peace Support Structures at the Berghof Foundation, Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, former International Mediator for Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Dalibor Jevtic, Minister for Communities and Return in Kosovo gave their insights into mediation and being a mediator. The first three clips are in German. The interview with Mr. Jevtic is in English.